Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014.01.23 - Intro

So I've been back and forth on blogging. On one hand, I don't see the point. Its just one more page on the internet that probably won't get any traffic. On the other hand, at the very least, it'll give me a place to talk about whatever I want and let anyone who stumbles across this place to leave a comment if they're compelled to.

So here I am...not particularly enthusiastic, but I'm generally content with my decision to start this up. How often I update will vary depending on what life throws at me. Time will tell if I even continue to post updates once the novelty of this whole thing has worn off. The last time I started anything like a blog was... oh what was that thing called...Xanga? was that it? Well whatever it was called, it was a high school fad thing that faded quickly. But I digress....

I think the theme of this blog is going to stay fairly nerd-project oriented, with some automotive and home improvement destruction thrown into the mix. My first content post will follow this one shortly. I'm working on a little project for my computer that I'll document as best I can. This way when it fails, the whole world (or all 8 of my viewers) can see! I'll also probably do random picture posts of crap I stumble across out in the world. For funzies.

Well thanks for checking this out. I hope you'll come back and share this corner of the internet with me.

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